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Australian Standard AS4687 provides the technical, safety and minimum structural guidelines that all A-Class hoardings must adhere to.

Compliance to AS4687 ensures that the hoarding is capable of withstanding a physical ‘impact’ to both the front and the rear of the hoarding of a certain force so as to simulate an equivalent occurrence / accident during any general construction works.

AS4687 also offers guidance as to the minimum wind-speed capability that the hoarding must be able to withstand in its site-specific location. The wind pressure is generally greater than that of the indoor impact test and so this needs to be considered for outdoor compliance.

AS4687 states that all hoarding panels must be a minimum of 12mm thick.

as4687 compliance

The Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System

The ‘Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System’ offers a range of modular products that can be deployed to build safe, compact, freestanding and pre-certified indoor or outdoor hoarding solutions compliant to AS4687 (and/or AS1170 as required).

Our Hoarding configurations are designed and structurally engineered to free-stand to 8mH indoors and to a max 4mH with wind max speed capability of 34m/s (122.4Kph) outdoors – All indoor and outdoor configurations of the ‘LOMAX Hoarding System’ have approved and pre-certified by an external and independent structural engineer.

Indoor Hoarding – Structural Engineers Certification Process

In order to achieve this pre-certified status for indoor use under AS4687, the products must be assembled into a hoarding (with the required consumables such as panels, timber screws) and ‘impact tested’ with a weighted pendulum under the specific conditions set out within the Australian Standard.

The impact testing required has been completed under the supervision and approval of an external, independent structural engineer.

Following repeated and successful impact tests from both the front and rear of the assembled indoor hoardings the system is deemed pre-certified. This means it can be re-built following the same simple installation guidelines to achieve the same outcome and compliance to AS4687 again and again.

Outdoor Hoarding – Structural Engineers Certification Process

Further modelling and computations for outdoor wind environments (at various panel heights) is also completed by the independent structural engineer to ensure the system is pre-certified for outdoor use with the appropriate installation guidelines and in accordance to the site-specific location.

Significantly more counterweights are required to support the system outdoors compared to indoors (This is due to the potential wind pressure that may impact the hoarding) – We have produced and easy guide of what ‘weight-to-height-to-wind speed’ is required for a large range of outdoor configurations – all guides and configurations have been approved by an external structural engineer.

Critical Feature

The most important factor to consider for any counterweighted hoarding system is that the weights cannot be detached from the hoarding whilst it’s still erected – The clever design of ‘Lomax counterweights’ ensures that this is impossible – Our solution is ‘Built Safe and Stays Safe’.

Lomax Technical and Installation Guide

The intent of this guide is to clearly describe and illustrate the build process and structural certification parameters of the various indoor and outdoor modular configurations for the Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System – For additional information please contact us.

Download the Technical & Installation Guide >

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