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Indoor/Outdoor Construction Site Hoarding

The Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System offers products that can deliver safe, compact, free-standing construction site hoarding solutions that are wind-rated and fully pre-certified to AS4687 or AS1170.

The system has been extensively and repeatedly tested to exceed AS4687 and AS1170 standards so you can rebuild the components with our simple guidelines to achieve the same safe construction site outcome again and again.

Easy, simple and safe wind-rated hoarding

We’ve completed all the testing for you, so building a wind-rated outdoor hoarding solution is very easy – simply follow simple guidelines to achieve the same safe outcome again and again.

Hoarding Installation in 5 Easy Steps

shop hoarding construction


Why use the LomaxTM System for Construction Site Hoarding?

  • Pre-Certified for compliance and safety – Designed and tested to exceed AS-4687 or AS1170 requirements
  • Compact footprint – The counter-weight has a depth of only 46cm
  • Free-standing – No ground penetration, bracing or make-good is required
  • Safe – The clever design ensures that the weights cannot be removed before the panels (no locking device is required)
  • Stable – A rear support post inserts into the counter-weight and extends upwards – This increases the fulcrum point for enhanced stability
  • Smart – Only requires standard non-ribbed 90×45 (4×2) MPG10 for compliance (standard timber supplied in hardware stores)
  • Supports cross bracing – Specifically integrated into the design to ensure the hoarding won’t move or ‘snake’ out of position once installed
  • Versatile – Support multiple hoarding panel types and thicknesses

Site Hoarding Sales, Hire, Design & Installation

Buy or hire the Lomax system Australia-wide, or engage our complete hoarding design and installation service across Sydney & NSW.

AS4687 and AS1170 for Construction Site Hoarding

Australian Standards AS4687 and AS1170 provide the technical and safety guidelines for such hoardings to ensure they are capable of withstanding any wind loading that may be applicable for the hoardings’ site specific location.

Outdoor site hoardings are similar in design to retail shop hoardings, however in order to withstand the pressure that wind loading creates, the quantity of counter-weights required is significantly more.

In its smallest configuration with a single stack of supporting weights spaced at the standard 1.2m apart, it has a footprint of only 46cm deep and is pre-certified for a wind speed of 64.8Kph with 2.4mH hoarding panels. (Double stack options for greater wind speeds and / or panel heights are available as per your site specific requirements).

wind rated construction hoarding

Buy or hire the Lomax system Australia-wide, or engage our complete hoarding design and installation service across Sydney & NSW.



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