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Hire The Lomax Hoarding & Fencing System

The ‘Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System’ offers a range of modular products that can be deployed to build multiple structurally engineered, safe, compact and free-standing indoor or outdoor A-Class hoarding configurations – plus, can cleverly be used for bespoke ‘safe pedestrian zone’ fencing solutions also.

Our Hoarding configurations are designed and structurally engineered to free-stand indoors to 8mH and outdoors to a max 4mH with wind max speed capability of 34m/s (122.4Kph) – All configurations have been tested and certified with an external, independent structural engineer.

Simple & Flexible Solution

When hiring the ‘Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System’ we will ensure that you are accredited to install by following our simple training / installation documentation.

Each Lomax Counterweight or Lomax Support Post can be hired individually and on a daily basis, so you only need to hire exactly what you need for as long as you need.

Supplied with all LOMAX Hoarding and Fencing Hire:

  • All structural engineering certification – for both indoor and outdoor use to confirm compliance – all documents are issued from an independent structural engineer
  • An indoor and outdoor weight-to-height (and wind) guide – to confirm the quantity of weights you’ll need and build process required for outdoor use (our instructions are very easy to follow)
  • A materials ‘picklist’ – so you have an easy guide to selecting the right consumable materials (panels / timber etc) required to suit the LOMAX Hoarding and Fencing System
  • Various marketing images as required – i.e. Images for your own website, social platforms, brochures etc (So you can promote that you have a compliant engineered solution)
  • An editable ‘installation compliance sticker’ template for the back for each hoarding you install (This is to confirm to your clients that you have installed and engineered solution)
  • An editable ‘installation compliance certificate’ template (That you can issue to your clients post installation to confirm structural compliance)
  • Ongoing support / communication / training with us and updated marketing materials as required

Hire or buy?

The decision to hire or buy any capital equipment can be a complex one. At Lomax Hoarding and Fencing we allow for both scenarios to suit your individual business or project needs.

If you want to control your cashflow or have limited / short term product requirements, then hiring might be a more attractive option for you.

However, if you are a frequent / repetitive hoarding installer (or want to be one to supplement your existing services) then owning the system might suit you better over the long term.

Maybe the best approach is to hire initially, and then purchase later or maybe buy your minimum requirements now and hire extra for top ups? We can assist you with all options.

We have a showroom at our Sydney Office where you can see all these products in action and find out more about the benefits of our solutions for your business. We offer technical guides to demonstrate the simplicity of our structurally engineered solution

Hoarding Hire Terms & Conditions

Download our Terms and Conditions here >

National Hoarding Design & Installation Service

If you would prefer us (or one of our many stockists) to manage your hoarding installation and would rather not the hire or purchase of the structural equipment yourselves, we provide a complete hoarding design and installation service for you nationwide. Find out more about our national hoarding design & installation service >

Multiple freestanding INDOOR hoarding configurations to 8mH – built in a few easy steps

Example illustration: 5.6mH indoor hoarding – Just 6 x Lomax weights + 1 x Lomax Support Post every 1.2mW panel join interval

lomax hoarding construction


For short and long term hoarding hire options, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Enquire now: Call 1300 056 629