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Hoarding Installation

Design & Installation of Free-Standing Hoardings Sydney & NSW-wide

Our design and installation service offers a complete solution for shop & construction hoardings using the Lomax Hoarding & Fencing system.

We deliver safe, compact, free-standing, structurally engineered + pre-certified hoarding solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications for many of Australia’s top Shopping Centres, Retail Groups, Transport Hubs and Construction Companies. View our client list >

Our friendly team can assist you with your hoarding design and guide you through the process of simple compliance thanks to the modular system that we offer. In addition we can assist with the graphics application to ensure your hoarding really stands out. View our work >



7 days a week across Sydney & NSW

hoarding design installation

We offer a 7 day-a-week hoarding installation & removal service to fit in with your project needs throughout Sydney and the wider NSW region.

The Lomax Hoarding System is fast to install, and is completely free-standing. As no bracing is required, there is no damage caused to ceilings or floors when removed.

Every installation completed is accompanied with a ‘Structural Engineers Compliance Certificate’ and due to the clever design, the counter-weights cannot be removed before the hoarding panels are detached so you can be assured that the hoarding is built safe and stays safe


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