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At the heart of the LomaxTM Hoarding & Fencing System are three key products – the Full Sized Hoarding Counter-weight, the smaller Half-Brick Fencing Counter-weight and the Hoarding Support Posts (2 x sizes).

The Lomax Counter-weight – for both Hoarding & Temporary Fencing Applications

temporary fencing feet

On one side, this clever counter-weight easily receives the timber stud behind its patent-pending metal plates, and the other side, it receives the patent-pending support posts (2 x sizes) so as to increase the height of the fulcrum point and offer enhanced stability.

Collectively, this combination allows you construct free-standing, engineer pre-certified hoardings up to 6m high whilst only having an incredibly small 46cm deep footprint at the rear.

However, if you rotate this full-sized counter-weight in full, you can then easily insert standard 32mm OD temporary fencing panels for a ‘safe pedestrian zone’ fencing feet solution. (See LomaxTM Technical Guide for installation details)


The Lomax Half-Brick Counter-weight – for Temporary Fencing Base Applications

lomax temporary fencing base

The smaller half-brick counter-weight stacks perfectly on the rear of the full sized counter-weights when used for temporary fencing feet.

By deploying the additional half-brick, you can stabilise the system against your ‘site specific’ wind requirements for outdoor/exterior applications whilst maintaining an incredibly small 46cm footprint and a ‘safe pedestrian zone’ solution.

(See LomaxTM Technical Guide for installation details)

The Lomax Support Post – for Hoarding Applications

lomax support post

The Support Post (patent pending) is available in two heights – Low height perimeter (1.2mH) and Full height (1.8mH – 6mH) and is required for hoarding installations with a ‘single stack’ of weights.

The support post easily inserts into the available fencing holes at the rear of the counter-weight to increase the fulcrum point of the system and enhance stability (See LomaxTM Technical Guide for installation details).

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