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The ‘Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System’ offers a range of modular products that can be deployed to build multiple structurally engineered, safe, compact and free-standing indoor or outdoor A-Class hoarding configurations – plus, can cleverly be used for bespoke ‘safe pedestrian zone’ fencing solutions.

The Hoarding System configurations are designed and structurally engineered to free-stand indoors to 8mH and outdoors to a max 4mH with wind max speed capability of 34m/s (122.4Kph) – All hoarding configurations have been tested and certified with an external, independent structural engineer.

The following products are used for our various modular configurations (Indoors and Outdoors):

The Lomax Counter-weight – for both Hoarding & Temporary Fencing Applications

temporary fencing feet

On one side, this clever counterweight receives the ‘4×2’ (90×45) smooth timber stud behind its patented metal plates so that it holds that vertical timber in place for all hoarding configurations. By stacking the weights higher, you can increase the height capability of your solid hoarding panels and maintain structural compliance in accordance with our easy instructions / guides.

On the other side of the counterweight, 2 x specific holes receive the Lomax Support Post (Details below).

On the top of the counterweight is a clever groove / track that allows for the ‘nesting’ of a ‘4×2’ smooth timber stud on its side – This forms the ‘Cross-beam’ support that stops the hoarding ‘snaking’ out of position over time post installation.

The counterweight is approx. 18Kg, High UV rated, has multiple ‘easy-carry’ handles and is specifically shaped / contoured to enhance ‘stable nesting’ when stacked.

If you rotate this full-sized counterweight in full, you can easily insert standard 32mm OD temporary fencing panels for a ‘safe pedestrian zone’ fencing solution that can be used as a bespoke solution where having no trip hazard is critical. Additional ‘half-brick counterweights’ may be required and added for site specific outdoor wind conditions and / or shade cloth application.

The Lomax Full-Size Counterweight is available for purchase or hire.

The Lomax Half-Brick Counter-weight – for Temporary Fencing Base Applications

lomax temporary fencing base

The smaller half-brick counter-weight stacks perfectly on the rear of the full-sized counterweights when used for temporary fencing feet (as detailed above).

By deploying the additional half-brick, you can stabilise the system against your ‘site specific’ wind requirements for outdoor / exterior applications whilst maintaining an incredibly small 46cm footprint and a ‘safe pedestrian zone’ solution.

The counterweight is approx. 18Kg, High UV rated and has multiple ‘easy-carry’ handles and is specifically shaped / contoured to enhance ‘stable nesting’ when stacked.

The Lomax Half-Size Counterweight is available for purchase or hire.

The Lomax Support Post – for Hoarding Applications

lomax support post

The Lomax Support Post is designed for use in hoarding configurations to offer a greater support to the 4×2 timber vertical stud that is kept in place by the counterweight – The support post helps increase the height of the fulcrum point of the system, reduce the quantity of weight required and ultimately offering enhanced structural stability.

The Support Post is available in two heights:

1) Small Support Post used for an indoor low-height (1.2mH) perimeter hoarding (kiosk) and some outdoor ‘wind-rated’ configurations

2) Large Support post used for all other indoor hoardings (1.8mH – 8mH)

The Support Posts are made of 32mm galvanised steel for optimum strength to weight ratio.

The Lomax Support Post (either small or large) is available for purchase or hire.

The Lomax ‘Double Stack’ Support Post – for Selected Outdoor Hoarding Applications

double support post

The ‘Double Stack’ Support Post has been produced to simplify the construction process for outdoor hoardings when the height of the hoarding or the wind speed of the location (or both) requires a ‘double stack’ (back-to-back) of counterweights.

This clever support post holds the vertical ‘4×2’ (90×45) timber stud in place whilst also connecting the front and rear counterweight stacks, so the entire solution offers a wider range of panel heights and / or wind speed capabilities.

The Double Stack Support post is made of 32mm galvanised steel for optimum strength to weight ratio.

The Lomax Double Support Post is available for purchase or hire.

Lomax Technical and Installation Guide

The intent of this guide is to clearly describe and illustrate the build process and structural certification parameters of the various indoor and outdoor modular configurations for the Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System – For additional information please contact us.

Download the Technical & Installation Guide >

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We offer technical guides to demonstrate the simplicity of our structurally engineered solution.

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